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3 Children: 6yr old daughter, 3yr old boy&girl twin.

Toughest Part Of My Job/ Mistakes Made/ Regrets:

3. Developing and sticking to a meaningful routine that will help each child to grow. I realised late in the game that their proper growth doesn't happen by accident but is largely assisted by the intentional guidance of parents. I really regret letting my first daughter watch so much tv. Additionally, I regret not nurturing her joy of reading earlier.

4. Greatest Joy experienced in your role: Seeing my children's reaction of joy to see me. Feeling their sense of love, wanting to be around me. It makes me feel valued and helps me to realise that they 'need' my presence for their growth.

Nuggets Of Wisdom:

5. Ask parents that are further ahead in the game for stories of their experiences. Lots of value and insight have been gained from these connections.

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