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2. 2 Sons aged: 42 & 39.

3. Toughest Part:

Seeking to balance my Marital and Pastoral duties with raising growing boys with diverse needs in a challenging church, school and cultural environment.

Mistakes made:

I am sure I made some mistakes along the journey because I was definitely not a perfect father, but I cannot put my fingers on any major ones at the moment that I look back with any guilty feelings.


I counted it an honour to have had the distinct privilege of being called by God to the ministry of “Dadhood”.

Considering the fact that I grew up with a dad who was an excellent provider, visionary and practical person, I felt that the quality time spent with me in my early years could have been much more.

After I became a Christian at 17, I pledged to spend quality time with my wife and children and get involved in their activities as much as possible.

4. Greatest joy:

To see them accept Christ and see them grow with those values guiding their lives and ministries.

5. Nuggets.

a. Accept with joy the role God has conferred on you to be a dad.

b. One of the best gifts you can give to your children as a dad, is to love their mother.

c. Live a life of intimacy with God, integrity, and humility before your children. It is worth more than billions of dollars.

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