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Children 2: Son 15 yrs, Daughter 13 yrs

3. Toughest part of your Job as a Dad / Mistake(s) made/ Any Regrets in your journey.

Toughest part of my job as a father is consistently living out the legacy of Godliness (patience, grace, kindness, passion, courage) I seek to establish in my children. At times I Have to tone it down as I can be very strong and impatient, forgetting that their growth is not an event but needs to be a journey.

4. Greatest Joy experienced in your role.

The greatest joy is hearing my children reflect that I want them to be their best and that my presence matters to them.

5. Nugget(s) of Wisdom you would want to share with other Dads.

1. While providing and ensuring that your children’s needs are met, know that your active participation & presence in their lives outweighs any thing you can give.

2. Beyond leaving a good inheritance for their lives leave/ pass on a Godly heritage for their souls

3. Your role or Journey to being a great father is very dependent on the kind of husband or companion / friend you are as a man to your child/children’s mother

(even if the relationship is broken.)

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