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2. 2 Girls 18 & 8

3. Toughest part of the Job/ Mistake(s)made/ Regrets:

Being able to balance providing for them and spending the quality time with them they also need.

Having been apart from my first daughter in her formative years, due to the unfortunate relationship circumstances.

4. Greatest Joy:

To know that I still have the opportunity to be the best Father ever to my girls, simply being able to watch them grow.

5. Nugget(s) of Wisdom:

Protect your relationship. Love your partner/wife with all your heart and do whatever you can to make sure they know you do. This relationship is very important to your child(ren).

Forgiveness is key.

No matter what happens in your relationship, honour your obligations to your children i.e.:

spend time with them, give financial and emotional support.

Whatever it takes to connect with especially your daughter; piggyback rides, playing with dolls etc. do it and allow for that important bond to form.

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