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Number of Kids: Two (2) 1 female age 9, 1 male age 2

Toughest part of my Job as a Dad:

For me any man can be a father but not every father fulfils the role of daddy.

Being a father takes a special grace, love, compassion, high self-esteem and strength.

Truthfully, there are days where your role gets difficult due to the pressures of life in providing,protecting and spending time with your family. In all of that a man plays a vital role in his family therefore we are considered role models, where daughters look to their father as first loves and sons look for a model of how they want to be when they grow up. So as a father being a good role model is vital, so in spite of life challenges we must maintain the standards that will allow your family to grow and flourish preparing and leaving a legacy for your family.

Mistakes Made:

I have many mistakes but this one stands out the most…. “Spending Quality time with family” Though there is nothing wrong in working, providing, whether finances or security there must be a time where you shut off the noise and the cares of the world and spend time with yourself and your family. I can tell you this, you can lose money and make it back….but when you lose time it’s gone. Family time is Paramount!

Any Regrets in Journey:

For there are many but this one affected me the most. Not being myself! Never try to fit in, always be yourself if not you will always be everything everybody wants you to be except you! Also not speaking out against the things you don’t stand for but instead keeping silent for the sake of peace. Speak out in love and respect so you can be understood and be respected.

Greatest Joy Experienced in my Role:

Life is full of challenges, full of excitement, growing up I always wanted to experience something that would make me feel fulfilled. For me it’s the small things that put a smile on my face. I can remember one day I wanted to surprise my daughter by picking her up from school. I intentionally made the effort to stop whatever work activity I had that day to make sure I arrived on time to pick her up. The smile as she ran from the school gate, then the hug and words “daddy daddy” you come for me. To know that I made her

feel special by just coming is just pure joy. Also my son, along with his sister, plays and competes for hugs saying that my daddy, she replies no that’s my daddy and back and forth they go. I am their father, daddy, role model, and I intend to be in their life as long as God gives me breath.

Words of Wisdom:

I thank God for my father and for how he raised me, who firstly made sure we were raised with Godly fear and discipline. Growing up was rough, though having great dreams the reality sometimes outweigh the possibilities. Keep dreaming, keep being positive and come out of your comfort zone, It won't produce any growth. Never be too hasty and not take time to listen. Take ego out of the way; surround yourself with positive constructive people who will always tell you the truth. Serve God and follow his instruction for

He is the greatest daddy as He Knows how to take care of his children. Spend time with your family, be present, be the president in your residence, be the one that your children look up to, remember when you get old they will take care of you.

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