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Four offspring – 2 girls and 2 boys

Three grand children – 3 girls

I have had the privilege of being directly responsible for the upbringing of 2 of these offspring and the joys and lessons are innumerable.

Some of the best teaching moments came as I drove them to their respective schools on mornings as we chatted about many issues.

Those were the opportunities to discuss ethics, positivity, how the world really works and their expectations of themselves.

The worst moment of my life was the day I had to tell these two aspiring adolescents that I would not be there when they came home that evening. Marital dissolution was cruel for that reason especially.

My regret would be allowing my immaturities and fears to prevent me from bonding properly with the other two offspring who grew up under another roof.

Realizing the influence that a parent can wield and the importance of role modeling is an understanding that should come to a parent as early as possible. Children are good emulators during their formative years. Then you must offer them every opportunity to test their horizons as you help them to establish big dreams.

Forget trying to be a friend. Go for a relationship of trust and dependability first. Being there for your children emotionally is more important than anything else.

Watching them work at parenting their own offspring is my greatest joy.

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