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2 girls, 7 and 9 years old

Toughest part / mistakes / regrets:

3) Toughest part for me is balancing "tough" and "tender" love. Tough love is a bit more natural for me so I have to be deliberate in showing tenderness as often as possible.

Greatest Joys:

4) Seeing my girls standing on principles they were taught - especially ones I didn't think they were listening about

Nuggets Of Wisdom:

5) • Parent with the end goal of adulthood in mind. Often temporary joys need to be sacrificed for the sake of long term learning and/or success.

• Be consistent. Our consistency - in love, in word and in discipline - provides security for them. They need to know "my Dad says what he means, and means what he says".

• Practice what you preach. We can't expect our kids to have self control (or any other attribute) if we lack it. If there's something you struggle with, humble yourself and admit it to them and commit to working on it. They'll respect your integrity.

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