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Updated: Jun 5, 2022

1.Name: Arnal Andre Goslin

2. Son: Arion 14. Daughter: 9

3. Toughest Part Of My Job/ Mistakes Made/ Regrets:

Realising that children are gifts from God entrusted to you. You are responsible for nurturing that seed that directs them towards fulfilling God's plan for their life. You are the first representation of God's love, will and presence that they see.

4. Greatest Joy experienced in your role: Everyday seeing them grow is a joy but I think for me a hallmark would be being able to produce the "Thank God for you" song for them. It's a reminder of how much my family is a blessing to me and my commitment to love and serve them.

5. Nugget(s) of Wisdom you would want to share with other Dads:

The best gift you can give your children is not in material things that rust, rot and wear down, but in giving them a legacy, values and principles that benefits and last them a lifetime and rewards them in eternity.

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