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2. Two children my son 10 yrs. My Daughter 7 yrs.

3. Toughest part of your Job as a Dad / Mistake(s) made/ Any Regrets in your journey.

3. The toughest part of my job as a dad is breaking free from the paradigms of the parenting I received. I’m a lot like my parents and I love them both dearly, however, the things I’m not very fond of about them and their parenting of me, I see those things in myself and my own parenting. The biggest challenge I continue to have is in the department of harshness. As a father I would admit that I can be harsh, I see it regularly when I replay my more difficult interactions with my children. My wife tells me about it, however it’s a part of my character and even though God is not like that with me, I have found the road to gentleness difficult. It’s difficult for me to pull out and I still don't know when I’ll get it right. It's my single biggest regret as a father, that my character was not and in my view, still is not as loving and as gentle with my kids as I desire. For sure they love me and I love them to death and of course I’m not all bad, however this is the single change I continue to pray God gets done in me quickly for my family’s sake.

4. Greatest Joys experienced in your role:

4. One of my greatest joys in fatherhood is actually seeing myself change to being a better person to demonstrate to them the man they deserve to emulate. It’s good for them and me.

Also that my children are now at a place where even in times when discipline is necessary their response clearly demonstrates that they know they are loved.

5. Nugget(s) of Wisdom you would want to share with other Dads.

5. Read the Word and pray all the time. Let God and his word change you from the inside. Don’t try, just do. When you say you will try it gives you the space and allowance to fail and accept that trying was the goal. Trying is never the goal, so do and never give up doing until you have achieved. It’s a life-long posture of never giving up. It’s an everyday mindset, one day at a time - with Jesus first.

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