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2) Two Sons: (9) & (6)

Toughest Part Of My Job/ Mistakes Made/ Regrets:

3)One of my biggest challenges as dad is the dealing with the reality that I represent in some measure God the Father to my boys and the fact that I can get angry way too fast and I want them to know the long suffering dimension of God and not an angry God and I feel like I fail there more often than I’d like.

Greatest Joy:

4) My greatest joy Is when I see them (without prompting) from us demonstrate some virtue that we have been taking to them about forever, be it sharing with each, preferring one another, or just automatically praying when someone is sick

5 Nuggets of Wisdom:

Tired fathers will find it more challenging to be godly fathers - get adequate rest, connected to that is try to be early or on time. When you are running late and the kids decide to be kids you will tend to have less patience with them.

Try to praise them often and for attempts they are making to do what’s good and right

Lean on your wife’s intuition more often.

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