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2. One girl - 13 and one boy 11 (12 in a couple weeks)

3. Toughest part of your Job as a Dad / Mistake(s) made/ Any Regrets in your journey.

The toughest part I would say is guilt. Not feeling guilty when you can't be there or when you can't provide everything you want to. Also managing transitions as they age, managing making decisions for them as a parent and then when to provide spaces where they make decisions and allow them to make their decisions with your support. The balance between the two, knowing when to make them do things or make them start to make their own decisions. I wouldn't say I have any regrets, in moments I'd say I thought I would regret something, but over time all things work together.

4. Greatest Joy experienced in your role.

Them. They are legit amazing people to be around, just being able to laugh with them, support them, watch them grow and excel, watch them figure things out. Just knowing someone is an awesome person and you had a hand in it is pretty amazing.

5. Nugget(s) of Wisdom you would want to share with other Dads.

Being present is the greatest form of provision, enjoy them and help carry any burdens. Being on the same page as their mother makes parenting a lot easier. Have grace for your children, your parenting partner and yourself. Remembering you're raising adults, enjoy the journey while remembering you're preparing them to be well-adjusted members of society.

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