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2. 2 Children: 1 boy 3yrs old 1 girl 9 years old

3. Toughest part of your Job as a Dad / Mistake(s) made/ Any Regrets in your journey.

The toughest part of my job is sometimes balancing family and work, especially now that my children are at the age where they require so much of my time. My biggest mistake so far is not being patient enough with my children on occasions where I somehow forget that they are young learning children. I don't have any regrets that I can think of but I try my best to make their well being my number one priority.

4. Greatest Joy experienced in your role.

The greatest joy I have as a father is just seeing my children happy. I also like that feeling they give me when they call on me like I am their superman who can do the impossible for them.

5. Nugget(s) of Wisdom you would want to share with other Dads.

Teach your children from a young age the importance of a relationship with God. Daily ask them questions about what they did at school or wherever they went and then listen to them. Encourage them to talk to you. Make sure you are providing them with tools for life, by sending them to extra curricular activities to help them find their interests early. Take time to strategically invest in their general knowledge about life.

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